Today, this happened: Greenpeace hoisted a giant RESIST flag behind the White House. Yes, this is real.

Also, Park Rangers went rogue.

So, there is hope.

As for our elected officials, so far the women are standing strong. Yvette Clarke has not been called upon to vote, but seems to me her public statements have been spot on. Contact her here.

It is reported that Kirsten Gillibrand is the only Senator to oppose every Trump nominee so far. Maybe you want to encourage her? Contact her here.

Why did Senator Schumer endorse Pompeo for CIA Director? Will he compromise on the Supreme Court, too? In my view, every yes vote lends legitimacy to Trump and his fascist, pro-corporate agenda. Politics as usual is not good enough for me. The moment demands more. Whatever your views, contact Schumer here.

Hope to see many of you at next Tuesday’s planned rally near Chuck Schumer’s home. Tuesday, January 31, 6PM, at Grand Army Plaza.

If you know of other actions happening that you’d like to share, email

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