Let’s Meet

Three things to do: attend the next “Resist Trump Tuesday” rally, send a note to Senator Gillibrand, and let me know if you can attend a planning meeting in the coming week.

  1. Rally at Grand Army Plaza – Tuesday, January 31, 6PM

Indivisible Ninth will join others at a rally to let Senator Schumer know he is not fighting hard enough. He needs to be stronger. He has voted in favor of three Trump nominees so far, Pompeo (CIA), Mattis (Defense), and Kelly (Homeland Security).

This event is organized by Resist Trump NY and a number of groups are participating. Here is the Face Book page for this event. Please come out.

In preparation, there is a sign making party on Sunday from 4-7PM at Berg’n (899 Bergen Street). (Apologies, I initially thought this would be Saturday; it is in fact Sunday.)

  1. Encourage Senator Gillibrand

Senator Gillibrand is the ONLY Democrat to vote NO on every one of Trump’s cabinet appointments so far. (She did however vote in favor of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the UN.) Let’s give her some encouragement! Contact her here.

  1. Let’s meet!

There seems to be a lot of interest in keeping this going in the Ninth District! For those interested in participating in a planning meeting in the coming week, please click here and let me know what dates you could attend a meeting. We’ll schedule it for the date that the largest number of people can make it.

One thought on “Let’s Meet

  1. Hi–i can’t meet on any of those days, but I will be at the Grand Army Plaza rally on tuesday and would like to join a future meeting.Thanks! Rembert


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