Kick-Off Meeting Notes


We had an amazing kick-off meeting yesterday! It was positively uplifting to see so many people turn out! The group has talent, knowledge, and determination. Many thanks to St. Paul’s for making it possible for us to use such a great and convenient meeting room. We’re off to a great start.

For all who were unable to attend, minutes have been posted here

Stay tuned for more information to come about the following:

  1. Indivisible 9th’s Attendance at Yvette Clarke’s Town Hall, February 22
  2. Coordinated Telephone Calls Regarding Supreme Court Nomination
  3. Research Group’s Work on Gathering Various Resources of Interest
  4. Another general meeting in about two weeks

The Communications Team leapt into action, so follow these links for information about next steps, and share them with your friends and neighbors—let’s keep our numbers growing!


Mailing List:



Are you interested in attending this week’s #ResistTrumpTuesday rally organized by MoveOn and others? They have changed the location for this event to the Financial District, to put spotlight on the importance of Dodd-Frank regulations and Trump’s attempt to gut them. Details here If you’d like to take part with others in Indivisible 9th, please sign up here and RSVP on our Facebook page to show solidarity!

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