Information for Yvette Clarke’s Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 22


As promised, this message contains information related to our participation in Yvette Clarke’s Town Hall on Wednesday, February 22 at 6:30 at Union Temple, 17 Eastern Parkway.

As you know, this is Town Hall week for Members of Congress (MoCs) around the country. We are looking forward to having as many people as possible at Representative Clarke’s Town Hall. She is a progressive Democrat and our goal, at this point, is to be constructive and supportive –– while getting answers to our key questions and letting her know that we need and expect her leadership at this crucial time.

The Indivisible 9th Events Team developed three documents (see PDF here) to help us work together at this event.


1. INFO SHEET: this provides brief background on Rep Clarke, info on the Town Hall location, and pointers on how to have a constructive Town Hall.

2. QUESTIONS FOR REP. CLARKE: developed through a survey of members of Indivisible 9th, refined at the meeting last Saturday, and augmented with information provided by the Indivisible Guide, these questions reflect the priorities of the whole group. The goal is to be able to raise as many of these questions as possible during the Town Hall. The way to accomplish that is for all of us to raise our hands every time there is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Whoever is called upon first asks the first question. As soon as that person is finished, we all raise our hands again. The next person to be called upon asks the second question, and so on. For this to work, you must have the questions in front of you, either printed out or on your phone. There will be a lot of people at the Town Hall, and it is very possible that others will ask a question very similar to one on our list. If that happens, we can skip that question. Unless we feel Rep. Clarke has not fully answered it, in which case it is fine to say, “I’d like to go back to the topic raised a minute ago…” and restate the question. We just need to listen and stay on track. If you are called upon, be polite, respectful, and persistent. Don’t give up the mic until you feel you have been answered.

3. AGREE SIGN: this is a sign with our new logo on it (thanks to Michael Kelly!). Raise this sign to show agreement and support of others speaking at the meeting, whether Rep. Clarke or a fellow constituent. Please print out the Agree Sign and bring it with you. It might be nice to print two, so you can give one to someone else!

According to Rep. Clarke’s office, they are expecting over 800 people at the meeting. It is important to get there as early as possible. We want to be dispersed throughout the room, not sitting together, so when you arrive get in line and get a seat. We anticipate that many people will not be able to get inside: if so, stay outside. A supportive rally is a positive step as well! We will broadcast the meeting live on our Facebook page so if you are outside, or if you are unable to attend, tune in to watch the action!

In addition, our Outreach Team will be handing out flyers to build membership in Indivisible 9th. They need a few more volunteers; please email if you can help pass out flyers.

If have questions, email We’ll do our best to respond.

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