Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Jon and Christine agreed to hand deliver our messages to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. They met up on Monday and went to 780 Third Avenue, where both Senators have offices, but found that the building will not let you up without an appointment. However, security staff helpfully provided phone numbers and Jon and Christine reached someone from Gillibrand’s office who sent a staffer down to retrieve our postcards. “He was not particularly interested in talking or taking a photo,” said Jon, “but he did say he would pass the postcards along to Senator Gillibrand.” However, no one answered the phone at Chuck’s office. Instead, we sent the postcards by FedEx and they were delivered the next day. Jon wrote a thoughtful letter to Senator Schumer about the problem. If you’ve had trouble reaching Schumer’s office, you may want to sign on to this letter.

The next day, Charlene and Deidre went to Yvette Clarke’s Brooklyn office to hand deliver our messages about the importance of protecting the ACA. Deidre wrote a moving statement which she read to Representative’s Clarke’s staff.  You can read the letter, and sign on to it here.

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