Indivisible 9th’s Week in Review


As Indivisible 9th continues to prepare for the upcoming Tax March on April 15 at 1:00 pm in Bryant Park, here are highlights of some actions we’ve taken during the past week.

Learning More About Politics

On April 1, the Peer Education Team and Ditmas Civic hosted Local Politics 101, a presentation focused on the basics of state and city politics.

One key takeaway was the importance of letting elected officials know where you and your neighbors stand on issues. Despite Democrats being in the majority at both the state and city levels of government, individual politicians may not automatically match your idea of progressive. The good news is that you have a voice! Here are some concrete, effective ways to make a difference locally:

1. Identify your various district numbers to determine the politicians who represent you. Simply visit and type in your street address.
2. Meet and regularly contact your representatives, such as your city council or state assembly member.
3. Engage with the Participatory Budgeting process.
4. Join an advocacy group, such as Indivisible 9th.
5. Attend meetings of your community board.

20170401_131234This is a great year to be active with city politics. In 2017, there will be elections held for mayor, public advocate, city comptroller, all city council members, borough president, and the district attorney of Brooklyn.

We can’t thank Andrew Sloat of New Kings Democrats enough. He shared not only his solid knowledge of political systems, but also his enthusiasm for politics and activism.

Gearing Up for the Tax March

On April 15, we will join with fellow New Yorkers in Bryant Park to demand that the president release his tax returns. What is Trump hiding? Without making these returns public, Americans remain in the dark about his potential conflicts of interest and foreign entanglements. We want to know: Does he even pay any taxes at all? We’re marching to remind Trump that he works for us!

To gear up for the Tax March, members of Indivisible 9th came together on April 2 and 8 to make protest signs. Hopefully these messages will inspire you to make your own sign!

To march with Indivisible 9th, meet our group at 12:30 pm on the northeast corner of Broadway and 41st. See you on April 15!

RSVP here.

Sign up here to join Indivisible 9th.

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