We’re Ready for the Tax March—April 15



Dear Donald Trump,

What are you hiding? Conflicts of interest? Foreign entanglements? Do you even pay taxes? The American people have waited long enough to find out. Since you work for us, we have the right to know!

It’s time to show us your tax returns!


Indivisible 9th and millions of other people across the United States


Join Indivisible 9th for the Tax March

Let your voice be heard and march with the members of Indivisible 9th. We will gather at the northeast corner of Broadway and 41st by 12:30 pm and then head over to Bryant Park as a group to meet up with the NYC branch of the Tax March.

RSVP here.

Read more about the Tax March movement here.


Next Week—Another Town Hall With Rep. Yvette Clarke

Indivisible 9th is planning a big presence and Rep. Yvette Clarke’s next Town Hall Meeting, just as we had at her last one on February 22.

RSVP here.

And stay tuned to this space for more information!

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