Indivisible 9th Wants to Know: How Will Yvette Clarke Support the Resistance?

Constituents will be at Representative Yvette Clarke’s Town Hall in force.
Brooklyn, New York (February 22, 2017)

Indivisible 9th, a new civic group building on the Indivisible platform sweeping the nation, has mobilized concerned citizens in New York’s 9th congressional district.

In advance of Rep. Yvette Clarke’s Town Hall, scheduled for this evening, scores of Indivisible 9th members responded to a survey that asked them to indicate key areas of concern. Last week, more than 70 members met to prioritize specific questions they want Rep. Clarke to answer.

The group’s primary concern is corruption in the Trump administration: alleged ties to Russia, the President’s unwillingness to share his tax returns, and the many conflicts of interest created by his businesses and those of others in his administration, such as Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos. Indivisible 9th wants Rep. Clarke to explain what she is doing to get to the bottom of these threats to our democracy.

Other main areas of concern are the Affordable Care Act and immigration, for which the group has prepared targeted questions. “We commend Representative Clarke for her outspoken support on these issues but expect to hear specifics about what she is doing to protect her constituents,” said Melissa Gradel, who helped get Indivisible 9th started.


Founded in January 2017, Indivisible 9th is a civic group in New York’s 9th congressional district composed of constituents who have pledged to resist the Trump agenda. Inspired by the Indivisible platform sweeping the nation, concerned citizens have quickly mobilized to hold elected officials accountable and to advance a progressive agenda.

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